After meeting in acting class and bonding over their mutual love of cinema over 19 years ago, Maria & Nicole began to create their own productions together. Both born and raised in Michigan, their extensive theater arts training combined with college and independent film study has instilled a confidence and willingness to create their own content. As a play on both their physical height and years of being delegated to the end of the line in dance class together, Five Foot Two Productions was established to bring their creative partnership to the next level. 


Based in Los Angeles, Five Foot Two Productions began with the short film, “Me Again,” which they crowd and self funded on their own. From there, they have continued to produce music videos, commercial spots, and other narrative content, including the short film, “Polly Pocket,” which has garnered attention at over 18 film festivals worldwide.


Five Foot Two Productions is an inclusive, female-owned production company that will help execute your vision from start to finish. From pre-production to post-production, they create high-quality content that has authentic storytelling and compelling visuals. Currently, they are taking on clients for narrative, commercial, music video, branded or social media content, and more. 


Maria Corso
Director & Producer

Nicole Campbell
Executive & Creative Producer 

From a young age, Maria Corso was inspired by her large, Italian immigrant family, who were vivid storytellers. Maria's interest in film sparked at an early age when her father would let her watch the gritty films of the 70s and 80s. As a teen, she would enlist her family and friends to act out plays and movies in her childhood basement. After eight years of training in the theater, Maria's love of performing arts developed into an obsession with on-screen cinema. Maria graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Film. 


​Armed with an extensive knowledge of film, including both foreign cinema and documentary, she is passionate about telling stories that have an authenticity and realism - films that have something to say about the human experience.


Maria is currently based in Los Angeles, and is actively working as a freelance director and producer with Five Foot Two Productions. See more of her work here.


Growing up, Nicole Campbell always knew she wanted to work in the world of film and entertainment. She studied theater and dance for over 10 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in coordinating various aspects of production. Nicole graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Public Relations.


She has worked on major film sets, red carpets, studio lots, and award shows, including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, the EMMYs, and more. In her career, she has produced various short films, advertisements, and music videos for all types of genres. Most recently, she produced the short film, “Polly Pocket,” which has been deemed an official selection by 18 festivals worldwide.

Nicole is currently based in Los Angeles, and is actively working as an executive and creative producer with Five Foot Two Productions. See more of her work here.